Letter weather


People for Renewal check in with the Current.

By Greg Harman

You may not know this, as, like, 21st Century we've been getting of late, but some of us at the Au Currant absolutely LOVE TO GET LETTERS!!! (Did the shrieking All-Caps give it away?)

This one may have been in response to my feature story on CPS Energy last week. Been enjoying the ink sketches and finely-rounded lettering, like a most-personal handmade gift and solidarity explosion all rolled together.

Art is people power, no? Thanks for the hands-in-heart conjoined offering!

Front of envelope reads:

(The 104-degree heat creates â?? sweat â?? plus â?? electric = creates danger of shock.)
The city councils â?? complete â?? silence â?? to workers in the 104-degree heat â?? is not acceptable â??
* There are pleasant, happy, well-paying communities in the world â?? when â?? mayors â?? move in that direction.