Anti-wall actions galore


By Greg Harman

MSM news coverage of the Border Wall is picking up. Which in this case means the walling has begun.

With the dozers in view and forms up on the levy at Granjeno, come a slew of anti-border-militarization actions. (Here's David Martin Davies with TPR yesterday.)

There will be un encuentro in El Calaboz tomorrow (Ryan @ (956) 203-6801 or Elizabeth @ (956)459-3205), but where most seem to be throwing their efforts right now is a possibly last-ditch effort to gain national publicity with a week-long march planned for August 27-August 31.

This is a Far West Texas march, so you may want to explore car-pooling/buses, etc.


August 27 Kick off cultural event in Fort Hancock.

August 28 From Fort Hancock, walk to Alamo Alto.

August 29 From Alamo Alto, walk to Tornillo, hold community event. End in Fabens.

August 30 From Fabens, walk to San Elizario, hold community event. End in San Ysleta del Sur with the Tiguas community.

August 31 Morning ceremony in San Ysleta del Sur . Then to El Paso. After arriving in El Paso, a bi-national event will be held in Anapra, Chihuahua and Sunland Park, NM.

For more infor on this Tigua-lands walk, contact:

Jay J. Johnson-Castro, Sr.


(830)734-8636 (cell)

There several events happening in the Valley, too. Check No Border Wall, for details there.


Viewing recommendations:

PBS NOW investigates tonight:

And an alternative vision of the River is taking shape at Los Caminos del Rio. (Watch the trailer.)