Got that old-time religion

Picking up tacos at Tito's today, I ran into a friend who said, apropos of this week's cover story that he "used to be the poster boy for voter apathy," but this year, he said, he registered, plans to vote for Obama, and move to Mexico if "that other guy" wins. It's not that he thinks McCain is evil, he added, but Jesus, look at the last eight years. Want more of that, vote for McCain; want anything else, vote for Obama.

My guess is he's not the sort of citizen Zogby's been polling in his ongoing account of McCain's march on Obamaland. Or at least I hope he's indicative of a groundswell of new voters, young and older, who realize that McCain has been a Washington power broker all through the Bush presidency, and his "maverick" pitch isn't worthy of that SA appellation.