no al muro (one)

Greg Harman

I first ran across Nat Stone sitting in an Alpine coffee shop while working my way downriver on the border wall series Muro del Odio for the Current.

He'd had what sounded like a year headstart on me, documenting with his camerat he ongoing policy tension that had la frontera in a roil with all the wall talk. He knew all the key folks in the Valley where I was headed that he shared with me. I had a few contacts back toward El Paso that i passed to him.

We shared some brief stories and went on our respective ways documenting events spinning out of the Heartland's rush of xenophobia.

This week, he agreed to let me post his videos on Curblog he is capturing at a major protest walk out in El Paso county. Also: Stone will be penning a few thoughts for the coming week's Saytown Lowdown.