Wrong Said Fred

By Gilbert Garcia

Fred Thompson's red-meat throwdown at Tuesday night's RNC was certainly more potent than anything the retired lawyer-turned-actor-turned-senator delivered on the presidential campaign trail last year. But CurBlog simply can't let him get away with his claim that Barack Obama is "the most inexperienced nominee to ever run for president."

"Ever" is an awfully long time, but it must not extend back to 1940, when GOP presidential nominee Wendell Wilkie went up against Franklin Roosevelt. Wilkie had served as a lawyer and the head of utility company, but never held elective office before securing the Republican nomination that year. For that matter, Woodrow Wilson had less than two years experience in government when he was elected president in 1912. Prior to that, he'd been the president of Princeton University, an impressive credential, but not the most obvious path to the White House.

We won't even get into Zachary Taylor or Ulysses Grant, but let's just say that Thompson could use a history lesson.