For the love animals: It has to be Haass says our favorite cat crusader


San Antonio's leading cat lady (and leading cake lady, at least at the Current, where she frequently delivers high-cal goodies) is endorsing Bexar County Commissioner candidate Chip Haass. Haass is in a tight race for the Precinct 3 seat against fellow ex-City Councilman (and Ex-News endorsee) Kevin Wolff, whose father, Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, presides over the commission.

D'Ann Trethan, who shows her passion for saving Say-town's strays from the City's executioner not least through frequent hand-written faxes, sent the following letter to the Current yesterday (I'm just sorry there's no easy way to replicate her signature double-heart exclamation points):

October 16, 2008, Thursday

To: Elaine Wolff

From: D'Ann Trethan

(Is there any place in the Current for a letter? It's important. If not -- I'll understand.)

A Reminder to All the People that Care About Animals!

It was Chip Haass that helped to call Special Meetings to get Citizens & animal groups together -- in order to help & spare the lives of the animals (through no fault of their own) that are at our city animal pound!

Because of Chip Haass' efforts, we now have a nice, new & large animal care services, with lots of wonderful volunteers -- & No Gas Chamber!!

Let's say 'Thank you' to Chip Haass, for his help to animals, & for listening to the People! Let's vote for Chip Haass for County Commissioner, Precinct 3.

          - D'Ann Trethan