Cheers at UTSA carry Obama


Greg Harman

As the electoral votes start rolling down and Texas lilts towardMcCain while the nation veers (207-89) Obama's way, the chips and salsa is being dished to hundreds of looselyassembled UTSA students out in northwest Bexar County are engaging inlap-sitting and celery-stalk munching.

So what is Derek Trimm, chair of UTSA's political action committee onstudent government did go with the one-percenters and vote LibertarianBob Barr, the students gathered for free food and raucous electionupdates are solid for Obama.

At least the vocal ones are. There's a few shy squeaky kids pumpingMcCain in a decidedly understated way.

Education. Change. Future.

So, like, why?


“It's not that John McCain's not a good guy. He's a good guy,” UTSAjunior and clinical laboratory science major Andrea Hubbard told me.“But everything that he's talked about he hasn't elaborated. He doesn'thave answers.”

Student activists on campus got 3,000 students registered to vote,Trimm said, though not all I chatted with as my pit complained (tooclose to grub, too far from the serving spoon. Sort of like McCain isexpected to feel).

Though they blush and duck their heads when you askthem directly, shamed in front of their peers this way, a few did juststraggle in for the food.