Obama and the Wall

Greg Harman


Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is not welcome in South Texas. In fact, there will be celebrations when he leaves office with his Boss Bush.

Still, Southwest Workers' Union border coordinator Ruben Solis predicts it may still be difficult to work with institutional Democrats in Congress to stop the Border Wall now under construction.

That means people need to keep pushing.

"The new administration is a transfer of the national agenda. So our point today is to begin to mold that national agenda as it refers to the border, border militarization, and immigrant rights," Solis said during a small protest outside the U.S. Federal Building in San Antonio today.

"So we want to send a clear message to Washington: We didn't just go and ... give (our vote) away. We own that vote. We have a responsibility to that vote and to the people we elected.

"Just because you voted, doesn't mean you go home and sit down and wait for somebody to do it for you.”