City to River Road: Take a hike and bike?

Queque was so busy this week drawing a comparison between the proposed sale of Healy-Murphy Park (in which the City is drafting an RFP -- a request for offers to buy the park -- then holding a community meeting, and then issuing the RFP no matter what happens at the public meeting, just, you know, to see what comes in) and the Avenue A/B hike-and-bike trail debate (in which what appears to be a clear majority of concerned citizens has protested against the Avenue A route loudly and often since the beginning, but the City keeps developing the proposal anyway) -- and don't even get us started on the Main Plaza makeover, in which attendees at public meetings objected to the redo based on historical and traffic concerns, but the City ... well, you know what the City did.

Where were we? Right: Queque was so busy mulling over this potentially disturbing pattern of municipal behavior, s/he forgot to mention that the Park Segment Subcommittee will be meeting at 8:30am Thursday morning (aka tomorrow) at the Witte Museum. It'll be one of the last meetings before the subcommittee concludes its business in early December.