Metal columnist needed

Hey there, music lovers.

As you may have noticed, we're adding a few new features to our music section. In our current issue, we've got Punk Matters, a new monthly column by kick-ass writer/cartoonist Mitch Clem, of Nothing Nice to Say fame.

Tomorrow, we'll be running All City, a column covering the local hip-hop scene by M. Solis. We're following that with the triumphant return of Kamikaze, Enrique Lopetegui's Latin music column.

So if we've got hip-hop, punk, and Latin music covered, what other possible genre would people care to read about in San Antonio? Even our Secretary of State will tell you รข?? motherfuckin' metal.

We need some incredibly thorough, incredibly righteous (you crazy headbanging kids still say that right?) local metal coverage. We need a columnist with a deep knowledge of the local scene and the sort of writing talent our readers have come to expect from the Current. And we need them now.

Send me three professional clips (or a sample column) and a list of future column ideas and potential column names at And do it now, before the Dark One grows displeased.