Live & Local preview: SOLI Chamber Ensemble


Break out the monocle and fancy shoes (yes my idea of dressing to impress is inextricably tied to Mr. Peanut â?? get over it) because tonight, Live & Local is headed to Blue Star Contemporary Art Center to see SOLI Chamber Ensemble, in the group's own words, a "not-for-profit instrumental ensemble seeking to promote the awareness and appreciation of twentieth- and twenty-first-century classical music among audiences." Yeah. No offense to the fine rock and rap outfits we usually cover, but this stuff sounds big time fancy and probably a little out of our depth.

The show's closer will be George Crumb's "Voice of the Whale" which Crumb describes as "inspired by the singing of the humpback whaleâ?¦ Each of the three performers is required to wear a black half-mask (or visor-mask). The masks, by effacing the sense of human projection, are intended to represent, symbolically, the powerful impersonal forces of nature (i.e. nature dehumanized). I have also suggested that the work be performed under deep-blue stage lighting."

Whoa. I literally understood 10 words in the above paragraph, and I wrote seven of them. Five bucks says SOLI uses those expensive kind of instruments that are all shiny and played with bows and shit.

The show begins at 7 with a lecture I'll probably need to pay attention to, and the music starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15.

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