Remembering Henry

Remembering Henry

Henry Rayburn Threads, 2003 8 drawers with silk threads

I got the following e-mail from Kelly O'Connor at the Linda Pace Foundation:


Please join us at CAMPsite space to remember Henry Rayburn and view his work titled, “Threads” on Friday February 6th from 4 — 6pm. The Linda Pace Foundation is proud to display Henry's work through May 31, 2009. If you are not able to make it for the reception you can make an appointment to see the work. Please call 210.226.6663 X 4 or email


CAMPsite Space 114 Camp, San Antonio TX 78204


Also, as y'all may already know, there will be a memorial the following night at 6 pm at Say Sí.

Here's this week's Current story on Henry.

A short remembrance at Emvergeoning with a lovely Justin Parr photo.

Henry's own site.