On the Street: Compound Interest, Scandals, Ankle Breakers and Heart Stoppers, and Other Important Discussions of Our Times

“Panic of 09”

The neurosis of the marketplace has affected the Spurs pocketbooks as well as the art scene. NBA teams as well as prized possessions of abstract expressionism just don't seem to be as important to millionaires these days.

On to the efficiency, I mean the letters!

Letters (to the On the Street Ghetto Mid-Century Modern Efficiency Apartment)

(Notice the Prophet Royal Robertson piece in the background, bought from the artist personally, not a gallery, though either option is filled with problems...)

#1 Gone Abroad

Keith the guerilla gardener, infrequent OTS contributor and apparently now, former San Antonian, sends in a message from Argentina. Perhaps he can do research on what's going on with Manu Ginobili's ankle.

Hello everyone, I have been in Argentina now for about 6 weeks, which is half of the time I'll spend here.

I have paid the $25 per year to have unlimited uploading capability and I've uploaded a lot of pictures and most have a title that is very descriptive. Maybe you'll find some of them interestingâ?¦

image: Keith Henry

#2 A Bearded Child

From the UTSA New Media departmentâ?¦


â?¦the following 2 events will both be held next week at

the UTSA Downtown Campus: Frio Street Building 1.402

P A N E L : DIY and the Avant-Garde

Thursday February 19, 7-9pm

F I L M S : Best of Bearded Child Film Festival

Friday February 20, 7-9pm

The panel tonight will have a spectrum of various artists discussing do-it-yourself issues, tactics, pratfalls, and anecdotes of the art scene, I think. Most likely not DIY issues relating to: dry walling your music studio, turning that found object into a lamp, and emergency suture techniques for backpackers.

image: from Bearded Child website

Compound Interest

The month-long Sala Diaz parade of events continues. On Friday things took to the streets.

It may not be apparent, but Potter Belmar had turned this into a video/sound projection/tailgate party. Here, is Sala Diaz getting all projected at.

Here, in a wider shot we can see PB projecting an image of Sala Diaz back on to Sala Diaz. Some serious time traveling and mind jambling going on here.

I swear the PB van used to be white, yet the man with the microphone Jason Jay claims otherwise. For some reason, another van of crime fighters seems to come to mind...

I'm not saying it's exactly the same, but neither am I saying it's really all that different either.

Rival blogger Ben Judson stands in silhouette as the PB crime fighting van projects from the background.

Inside Sala Diaz the Boyd Brothers put the needle to wax and shook the neighborhood. There was some serious low end for a few of the tracks but for the most part I was outside trading barbs with the usual suspects, highlifes, and friends.

But then I started talking to a UTSA architecture instructor. I was throwing around the idea of a series of articles where local architects discuss their favorite buildings in SA. It was all going well until I realized this person doesn't even live in San Antonio.

I'm not saying an audit of UTSA professors is required but I'm curious how many live in Austin versus San Antonio. It's bad enough to have a slow drain of talent always escaping to the north, but it's much worse to subsidize this intellectual flight, that is assuming these people have any connection to the city at all other than frequenting Starbucks before their nightly drives back north. Come to think of it, they probably get their espressos at McDonalds now. Gotta save that money for gas.

Whereas I can vouch for one UTSA anthropologist in particular as he alone has been responsible for keeping the Mix and Limelight solvent, can I say the same about the others...not sure yet.

On the other hand, in their "defense" SA is at times a bunch of suburbs in search of a city so how would the lines be drawn? Is living in Bulverde living in San Antonio?

And more to the point, is UTSA even in San Antonio? This whole discussion is like a Costanza inner-monologue folding in on itself.

Trade Rumorsâ?¦this too will pass

It's been a ridiculous week of speculation for the San Antonio Spurs as various seemingly out of reach players keep getting mentioned as trade partners with the Spurs. On top of that, two whoppers hit the ether yesterday on the day before the trade deadline.

1. Manu Ginobili might be out of the year.

2. George Hill photos taken by spurned lover.

The timing of these two bombshells is ridiculous. The fever pitch of the trade deadline, especially with the Panic of 09 (the year not the zipcode) causing NBA owners to dump contracts to save money, has ramped up all sorts of speculation and scandal. Do points #1 and 2 fit into this issue? Hard to say. Are they even true? It's hard to say.

Passage of time...

...ate a cheesburger from Liberty Bar. Small but dense. It was substantial and probably about the right size for any more would have been too many potential bovine growth hormones, yet the quality is still hit or miss. Years past this would not have been an issue...

Back to the Spurs -

The trade deadline passed at 2pm today and nothing seems to have happened. There is uncertainty if a press conference or a press release will be made available within the next few hours.

What does this hold for the Spurs future?

So many questions...

And so goes another week on the streets of San Antonio. As always, to be continued...

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