Live & Local preview: Heather Go Psycho


Pack your Xanex, cause tonight (Friday, March 27) we're heading to the Ortiz Ballroom to watch Heather Go Psycho, the self-billed "all-girl punk/rock band." They're currently one female bassist shy of supporting that claim, and are using stand-ins until they find one. I've yet to see a show at the Ortiz Ballroom (5139 West Ave.), but it sounds so exquisite, I'm contemplating renting a tuxedo. Ooh, I hope they have that fancy punch with the pineapple chunks floating in it. HGP will be joined tonight by locals Sinsa Frick and Terill Avenue. Doors open at 9 p.m., and there's a $5 cover. If you're doubting the level of actual psychosis, here's some video footage of Heather losing her shit:

Heather go Pyscho