Attention Guitarists: See somebody who's seen a Beatle


Well that's if you're one of those sheeple who believes that Paul McCartney is still alive line the man's been handing us. Still, Brian Ray â?? who'll be appearing 3:30 pm Saturday at Redbone Guitar Boutique â?? has toured as guitarist, bassist and back-up vocalist for the government-created android that replaced Paul in 1966, and that's still pretty badass. As you guys convinced me a while back the Maccabot X is the finest musician (and probably human being) who's ever lived, so I can imagine some of you will be psyched just to touch the hem of Ray's guitar strap. You'll pay $125 for the honor, but you'll also hear him speak and watch him perform several songs. Plus it's catered.

Then on Saturday June 27, Rusty Anderson, also a guitarist/bassist/backup for the unfeeling artificial intelligence that generated "Ebony and Ivory" (and threatened to go all Skynet if Steve Wonder wouldn't duet) will also speak and play, also for $125 a head. You can also attend both events for the discounted price of $200. But don't make the same "Turn me on, dead man" joke twice, cause then it just starts to get creepy.