The Beatles reunited via mashup

<a href="">Space Fantasy Peace (Intro) by We're Late For Class</a>

The latest mashup from copyright-infringement collective We're Late for Class cuts, pastes, and reconfigures tracks from the Beatles' experimental solo works, and the result is a pretty freaking phenomenal 75 minutes of mostly instrumental psychedelia. Sir Paul's attorneys will probably confiscate your children if they can prove you listened to any of this, but do it anyway.

According to WLC, the albums used are:

Wonderwall Music

Two Virgins

Electronic Sound

Life With The Lions

Wedding Album

Live Peace In Toronto 1969


Some Time In New York City


Dark Horse

Stop And Smell The Roses

Oobu Joobu (Ecology)

Press To Play

Working Classical

Liverpool Oratorio

Liverpool Sound Collage

Memory Almost Full

& Electric Arguments

("It's So Hard" and a piece of dialog are from a bootleg and there are a couple of seconds from Anthology 3)