Makin' L-U-V at AtticRep: An Open Call!


Rick Frederick:

one of the shining stars of the Trinity University-housed AtticRep Theatre and performance collective, known for its whip-smart, innovative and challenging productions of contemporary American and regional plays, wants you.


Well, in a narrative, performative sense. I mean, Rick's handsome, but c'mon, the guy's married.

This March will mark another in an ongoing series of interactive performance experiments by the AtticRep's Forum project which explore controversial topics in a deeply personal, yet community-accessible way.

Sound confusing?

Well, I attended a pre-production meeting last week with the director (Rick), some planners and volunteer performers, and the more I got to understand the project, the more excited I became.

See, The Forum project combines elements of non-fiction documentary storytelling, multimedia, and live performance in which, get this, audience members are encouraged to intervne in on-stage conflict and affect the outcome of the scene(s).

More specifically: the volunteers have been videotaping regular San Antonians about their relationships, their concepts of love, and their beliefs and instincts regarding the institution of marriage. They've run across some fascinating people and ideas. You should check out their channel on YouTube .
After gathering stories and opinions, the Ensemble of performers will devise dramatic scenes which build conflict around this theme of love and marriage.

So, with some official data from the creators, now, here's what's up in this year's AtticRep Forum:

Forum Theatre Project 2010:
On Love and Marriage

The performances of the piece will occur on:

March 11 & 12, 2010 8 p.m. at the Attic Theatre

March 13, 2010 at Luminaria

The creators say: "On Love and Marriage is an original work exploring
the rights of marriage by anyone who professes love for one another regardless of gender.

Who do you love? How do you love? How do you define marriage? Join the conversation as AtticRep moves through the process of creating this year's Forum Theatre Project."

So, definitely check out the project's website--there's space for you there to share your OWN stories and ideas which may be incorporated into the performances! You can friend 'em on Facebook, also.

Here are a couple of the interviews on video so far, both really interesting.
"Community Theater" doesn't just mean endless revivals of Barefoot in the Park!
Get involved, no matter whether you're in love, out of love, anti-love, or what side of the same-sex marriage debate you're on.