Internet meme fun: Lololololol


If you're like me, you enjoy good ol' fashioned internet meme (I still occasionally RickRoll my brother).

Like, here's Hitler reacting to something.

Here's a post with a bunch of meme-y youtube videos.

My favorite recent one, however, is this, brought to my attention by eagle-eyed friend Jennifer Marcha Allen:

A Russian singer named Eduard Khil, appearing on a 1976 variety show on Russian TV. Sort of a Lawrence Welk-y affair. Minimal set, lots of rehearsed hand gestures. It's sort of as though a socialist monument has come to 70s life, with all the pointing to the future and stuff.

So you watched it, right?

Now in this version, you can sing along, with captions!

Here's one wherein a dude provides an alternate vocal track:

Conversely, here's a very short one of some peeps lip-syncing part of it, not all that well, but with some nice gusto.

And here's a really really good remix!

Here's a somewhat irritating remix--it'd be better as just an audio, not a video:

Now, make your own! If you do and send me the link, I'll put it on our front page. No shit.