Gene Elder and Political Art Month


I had brunch on Sunday with Gene Elder, artist, activist, and Director of the HAPPY Foundation LGBT historical archives.

We talked about the first Political Art Month, this July, which Gene initially conceptualized when San Antonio's Contemporary Art Month was moved from July to March. Sprouting from idea to rumor to full-blown concept, PAM has attracted supporters such as guerrilla artists the Yes Men, San Antonio poet Naomi Shihab Nye, and photographer Ansen Seale.

It's less a series of events than a proposed framework for DIY events and artworks. If you're on Gene's email list (e-mail him at to be added), you've likely already read about it.

Here's Gene on PAM and the nature of political protest รข?? he also addresses the dilemma of the arts vs Fred Phelps, nutjob minister.

What is political art?

What would he like to see happen with PAM?

And would PAM be just a San Antonio event?

Interested in participating?

Well, just do it. It's an idea. Run with it.

Here's a snippet from an e-mail from Gene Elder with a link to a site where you can add yourself to a PAM calendar, even:

"We are ready for those of you who have an idea about what you will be presenting for July.

Just click on the Blue button to request a new event and fill in the information.

With any new listing of a city, it will then create that city on the list.


Gene Elder


Ansen Seale "

(Stay tuned for details as July approaches, and let me know at if you're planning anything!)