They used to call him the Streak, now he's just a racist


Wow. Just wow.

I'm not sure what's more surprising here: the fact that, as of this writing, the above video for "Come to the USA," which features Ray Stevens singing, in a giant sombrero mind you, about the evils of illegal immigrants and the politicians who coddle them while taking swipes at health-care reform and accusing ACORN of working to bring about the downfall of American society, has nearly 2 million views (watch it at the peril of adding to the madness); or the fact that I was a little shocked to learn the mind behind such Kountry Komedy Klassics as "Ahab the Arab", "Throw the Bums Out", and "Osama Yo Mama" (released a tasteful six months after September 11) is apparently sort of an unapologeticly ignorant cracker.

Discussion question for those of you who do watch the video: Do you think there's a direct correlation between the draconian immigration laws in countries he seems to be championing as examples for America to follow (Iran, China, Mexico, North Korea) and the fact that, for a large number of their legal residents, these countries are pretty much unliveable shit-holes. Explain (it to Ray Stevens).

For extra fun with your blood pressure and gag reflex, check out the clip below of him explaining himself on (where the hell else?) Fox News. Or don't. Maybe if we all ignore him, he'll just go away again.