Alamo City Rollergirls looking for fresh blood (and bones)

Greg Harman

All those greasy, grunting gladiators of the TAPOUT tribe leave you cold? Motocross fumes make you queasy? For my vicarious sports thrills, I've found Texas roller derby to offer the most entertaining, creative, and paradigm-flipping sports action going. Sunday's “Back to School Texas Rivalry” put on at the Rollercade on Recoleta (w/ tunes courtesy of Pop Pistol) brought skilled players from across the state for a sterling performance as members from derby squads from SA, Dallas, Houston, and Austin were split into a Nerds-v-Jocks contest par excellence. After seeing our hometown mommas burn up the track, I thought it worth relaying the call for new blood that's going out. Are you rough enough for Alamo City Rollergirls?