Bikini-clad lettuce girls vs. obesity


Sonya Harvey

When Men's Health voted San Antonio the seventh-fattest city in the U.S. in May, claiming 28 percent of residents are clinically obese (the national average being 25.19 percent) and that 9 percent of us spend more time in front of the boob tube than, well, healthier cities, PETA decided to break out the hot dogs and do something about it.

Bikini-clad girls, wearing nothing but strategically placed lettuce leaves, handed out free veggie dogs (provided by the city's own Green Vegetarian Cuisine) on the front steps of city hall Tuesday afternoon to promote the veggie lifestyle.

“San Antonio residents' love affair with meat may be making them fat and could literally be killing them,” PETA campaigner Lauren Stroyeck said in a press release Monday. “The smartest thing that they can do for their health, their appearance, the planet, and animals is to go vegetarian.”

Last year, San Antonio was ranked the third fattest city, so someone's been using their gym membership. We're better off than our southerly neighbor Corpus Christi, which reigns supreme as America's fattest city.