Happy Mondays: Arcade Fire movie for Google Chrome users

To make the start of your desk-bound work week a little more bearable, the Current will be sharing whatever decent internet tidbit makes it's way to the music and screens email inbox.

This week Arcade Fire sent us a link to The Wilderness Downtown, an interactive film made by Chris Milk. To me it sounds like an ad for Google with an Arcade Fire soundtrack. You can't even watch the film without Google Chrome web browser. But ... maybe it's worth it. Here's a bit from the email:

Taking its name from a lyric from the aforementioned song--"so when the lights cut out, I was lost, standing in the wilderness downtown"--"The Wilderness Downtown" exemplifies the Google "Chrome Experience" and HTML5 technology, cueing the opening of multiple browser windows, visually incorporating viewers' childhood addresses (if they are available via Google Street View) , allowing the viewers to write and share messages to their younger selves and more.

View for yourself here and report back.