An extra-Happy Monday


Hello world!

As much as I loved saying "curblog" (pronounced "kerblahg"), it is with great joy that I post the very first of a very real San Antonio Current blog devoted to music and film. We've got some awesome guest bloggers covering related topics, Gentleman Gamer by video game fanboy Adam Coronado and Star Crazy by movie buff Kiko Martinez, plus more to come in the near future.

Some things to look forward to:

1) Monday morning round-up of the week in shows. There's SO MUCH MUSIC in this town, that some weeks we can't highlight all the goods in print. Check the Mon. morning forecast for the week in music.

2) More Live and Local music reviews. With maybe even some video and/or audio recordings. That's right, we're movin' on up to 2008 around here. We might even tell you how cool that new group MGMT is.

3) Local film news. Kiko's got the international celebrity hook-up, but we'll update you on more local projects here.

4) The Happy Monday e-mail inbox freebie. This is where I post random shit I get sent to me, mainly videos and links to free downloads and streamings that PR flack assault me with weekly. God, I love the internet.