Video interview with the Constellations


At Austin City Limits festival last weekend, we saw Atlanta funk rock group the Constellations perform live. We had such a good time that when we heard they were swinging down to SA on tour with Electric 6, we immediately asked if they wanted to be the Sound and the Fury's guinea pigs for the first in a semi-monthly series of interviews with touring bands at taco trucks, hot dog restaurants, 24 hour diners, and any other place that will let us in at odd hours.

We met them for some pre-show hot dogs at King's Court Frankfurter Express, near their show at the White Rabbit. Sadly, some band members were cut out of the frame when we switched formats. But you can hear their awesome party suggestions off-camera. From left to right around the table (including disembodied hands), are Jamie Gordon, Elijah Jones, Trevor Birdsong, Alaina Terry, Jason Nackers, Shab Bashiri, and Wes Hoffman.

I must warn you guys, I'm about a half-day into my relationship with imovie and video.