SXSW Band deadline this Friday


Go, San Antonio bands, go! Here's the link to apply... If you're interested, that is. But you know, it's $40 bucks. Yeah, and Austin is like, so lame. And who needs SXSW anyway? Things are so much more REAL down here, man. And our 20 fans really like us. And we get free Lonestar beers sometimes. Applying for SXSW is just so much effort. We're just gonna hang here and keep our dayjobs and try to get famous off our myspace video.

Anyway. Here's my favorite names of bands who are now $40 poorer and booking tickets to Austin in mid-March.

Alcoholic Faith Mission (Copenhagen, DENMARK)

Black Math Horseman (Los Angeles, CA)

The Cabriolets (Madrid, SPAIN)

Coolrunnings (Knoxville, TN)

Doctor Krapula (Bogota, Colombia)

Go Back To The Zoo (Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS)

Mustard Pimp (Melun, FRANCE)

Schlachthofbronx (Munich GERMANY)

Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (Brooklyn, NY)

Spleen United (Copenhagen, DENMARK)

Yuck (London ENGLAND)