Nico Vega at unofficial SXSW Whole Foods showcase


Nico Vega started off the show thanking the audience for finding them at this show. We had seen a cryptic MSG on their FB page that they were playing at Whole Foods on Friday, March 16, and a link for an RSVP. When RSVPing, there was no indication that they were playing, except for a 9pm "special guest" slot.

"We must be the only band at SXSW not allowed to announce any other show besides our showcase," said singer Aja Volkman.

They kicked off their set with new music from their upcoming CD. Nico Vega, normally a three-piece, now has a bass player. This made a world of difference for guitarist Rich Koehler, who is now free to really explore the song on guitar and layer more than before, when he also had to hold down the bass line. I've seen this bad multiple times and each time their audience gets bigger. I expect bigger things to come for them once the new album hits. — Jaime Monzon