SA's finest messes with The Big Spill, but fest goes on



Florida's Fake Problems perform 10pm tonight at the Korova, but inside.

We're not in Austin anymore...

Somehow, our neighbors of the North manage to have it pretty good despite hundreds and thousands of people walking its streets and music blasting all night long. But San Antonio? Nooooo! We’re too lame for that. So whoever called the SAPD Thursday at around 11 p.m. to complain about loud noises coming out of The Big Spill at the Korova (probably a tourist staying at a hotel, because that's not even a heavy residential area) caused the cops not only to prevent Orlando's Telethon to perform their set, but to shut the whole thing down for the night.

"Right after 10 p.m. the cops showed up and we were like two decibels over," said Angel Castorena, the promoter of The Big Spill, an 11-day festival that started March 9 with one outdoor stage and two indoor stages. By city ordinance, outdoor music can't be louder than 63 decibels. "We're moving everything inside for the rest of the weekend, and no one's been canceled. In spite of everything, this incident encourages me to move forward and continue bringing this type of events. I hope people rally around the event and continue to support it."

So the show goes on, but with only two indoor stages. The festival continues today through Monday.