Toromata at 502 Bar, 4/12/12


"I think and write acoustically, but they turn my songs into something more electric," Azul Barrientos told the Current in this week's issue. "They" are bassist Luis Allejo and guitarist El Shine, the other two members of Toromata, Azul's newest project. Due to "family matters," only El Shine showed up to be with Azul for Toromata's first three shows in SA (Wednesday at Esperanza, Thursday at 502 Bar, and tonight at Limelight).But we got a glimpse of what Azul meant.

For example, she starts with this...

...and the boys turn it into this:

Toromata is a lot more eclectic than these two videos, but if you liked what you heard, show up at Limelight (2718 N St Mary's) tonight at 10 p.m. — Enrique Lopetegui