The Raconteurs' 'Live at Montreux 2008' out on DVD ****



The Raconteurs' 2008 show at the Montreux Jazz Festival is out on DVD and Blu-ray, and it includes songs from both of their albums (2006's Broken Boy Soldiers and 2008's Consolers of the Lonely, which they were then promoting), including “Steady, As She Goes,” “Many Shades Of Black,” “Broken Boy Soldier,” and “Salute Your Solution.” The setlist included fierce covers of Terry Reid’s “Rich Kid Blues” (sang by Brendan Benson) and Charley Jordan's “Keep It Clean” (by Jack White).

The band is in top form, the high-definition sound has three options (Dolby, 5.1, and Surround), and the video looks great. Don't look for any extras here: there's none. But when you have guys like these on a good night, playing at one of the world's top music festivals, you don't need any. — Enrique Lopetegui