"The Best" of Brokencyde is here. Literally.





The Best of Brokencyde

(BreakSilence Recordings)


Teenage Houston rapper J Xavier recorded a single and video supporting former gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami during the 2010 election cycle. It was a poorly realized, Auto-Tune-saturated mess that deserved note only for having the huevos to endorse an Arab running for the governorship of frickin’ Texas. But, intellectually, it was infinitely superior to this. If you absolutely must hear Brokencyde’s artistic apex — bitchez n’ hoez death metal ghetto-rap over a layer of synth-pop beats — by all means, help yourself. More self-respecting music fans are advised to avoid this cochlear corkscrew of a “best-of” compilation. And if you really, really dig this stuff, catch them at Backstage Live tonight. And here's the video for "Teach Me How To Scream." On second thought, naaaaa. — Gonzalo Pozo