Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: Garrett T. Capps



Don’t be misled by Garrett T. Capps’ innocent smile and clean-cut look — the guy’s a ferocious beast. Even though he’ll be presenting his mellow (and highly recommended) Hope & Doubt & Freeway Birds EP, his hill-country folk debut, this is the same one-man orchestra who last year gave us the electric power Molotov cocktail Radical Sabbatical, one of the best local EPs of 2012. His short Bharmacy set (part of an open mic with The Whipples and Kim Hubbeling) is the first in a four-show week. He’ll also play The Ten Eleven on Friday, Boneshakers on Saturday, and Barriba Cantina on Sunday. Go to his website for more information, but I can’t wait to catch him at the Bharmacy and see him tell me to my face why he wouldn’t be my friend unless I party with GWJ, as he sings in “George Dubya Jr.” This guy’s got some nerve. Free, 8:30pm Tuesday, Olmos Bharmacy, 3902 McCullough, (210) 822-1188, Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: