Stay Current with the Pick of the Day: Abstract Rude


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A California original, Abstract Rude is an old school MC with a commanding baritone, sharp tongue, and decidedly artsy vibe. Representing legendary hip-hop labels like Grand Royal and Rhymesayers since the mid-’90s, he has buttered his bread with clever wordplay and disarming positivity. Aside from solo albums that revel in the sheer joy of the best of hip-hop culture, Abstract Rude is also known for his work with the fantastically named rap group Haiku D’Etat and the hip-hop/dance collective Abstract Tribe Unique. This dude is the realest of real deals, a globally minded and locally motivated pothead with wisdom to spare, his own unrelentingly unique style, and a refreshingly childlike approach to his craft – even after all these years. $8-$10, 8 pm Thursday, The Korova, 107 Martin, (210) 995-7229, Check out our full online calendar of upcoming events here: