"The Guns of Brixton," Chicha Libre style




Hailing from the streets of Brooklyn, Chicha Libre is a mixture of Venezuelan and Mexican- American musicians that are known for their psychedelic cumbia-inspired rhythms. Keeping fresh to their Latin roots, the band just did a unique rendition of the Clash’s reggae-punk anthem “The Guns of Brixton” (written by bassist Paul Simonon).

We all know the original:

And here’s the Chicha Libre version:

In their psychedelic cumbia version, Chicha Libre channels the trippy pop of Os Mutantes and even the dance-friendly sonidos of Manu Chao. They even reference two famous lines from Rubén Blades' "Pedro Navaja," arguably the biggest salsa hit ever: "Un carro pasa muy despacito por la avenida/no tiene marcas pero todos saben que es policía" (an unmarked car slowly rolls on the avenue/it is unmarked but everyone knows it's the police) and "La vida te da sorpresas/sorpresas te da la vida" (Life gives you surprises/surprises give you life).

The song is on their Cuatro Tigres EP, which also features Arthur Lee’s “Love’s Along Again,” The Simpson’s theme song, and Los Shapis’ “Rica Chicha.”