Juana Molina to Release First Album in 5 Years




Wed 21, the new album by Argentina's Juana Molina, a former top TV comedienne who developed a worldwide cult following since releasing her Rara debut in 1996, will be out October 29 via Crammed Discs. It will be her sixth album and first since Un día (2008).

Molina is the rare case of a superb yet childish, minimalist voice, devoid of any unnecessary fireworks. She uses her deadpan tone in the service of her electroacoustic blends of groovy, unclassifiable trips held together by intricate rhythmic patterns. At times close to Brazil's Tropicália, at times showing influences of Uruguay's Eduardo Mateo, often compared (inaccurately, I'd say) with Björk, Molina lives in Molina Planet. She records most of her music herself, but on a live setting she's accompanied by a small group of musicians, though the backbone of her shows are her voice and looping pedal-magic.

I'd be surprised if she ever comes to San Antonio, but she's the kind of artist worth driving to Austin for. Here's a clip from her live performance of "Los hongos de Marosa" (included in Un día) at L.A.'s KCRW radio.