Mondo Nation to Curate Stage at Maverick Music Festival




As we've previously reported, the second annual Maverick Music Festival (March 21-22)  is shaping up to be even cooler than last year's well received initial offering at La Villita's Maverick Square. This afternoon, we learned Mondo Nation will be joining the fray with its own stage and lineup for the fest's second day. You may remember the Mondo name from their badass DIY show series last year, and they're also an online mag that does admirable work covering and promoting SA's underground scene.

Mondo Nation's editor Ryan Brummett shared with me their stage's preliminary lineup, which promises to provide some of the more far out experiences at the Festival. Check out the schedule on the following page and remember to check back closer to the fest as the times and bands are subject to change.

1 p.m.


 Massiver (SATX)

Definitely bring your earplugs, because Massiver has my vote for band most likely to blow out the speaker system. The experimental SA-based duo certainly sets the tone for the rest of the acts


2 p.m.


 Yoshimoto (SATX)

Contemplative and atmospheric, this is the place to be when you're in need of a "smoke" break.


3 p.m.


Quttinirpaaq (ATX)

This band sounds as terrifying and mysterious as their album cover looks.


4 p.m.



Marie Davidson (Montreal)

Mondo scored this Quebecoise doom disco chick thanks to a long-standing relationship with her label, Holodeck.


5 p.m.


Single Lash (ATX)

Oddly catchy shoegaze from this arty Austin trio


6 p.m.



Troller (ATX)

Another choice act from Holodeck, Troller makes sinister synthesizer music that could have been the soundtrack to Twin Peaks. 


7 p.m.


Boan (HTX)

They're from Houston and Austin, but the sound is pure Euro Trash.


8 p.m.


The Wolf (ATX)











Lovely lo-fi, psychedelic-tinged rock out of Austin


9 p.m.


Saakred Y Los Teardrops (SATX)

We love the Native American-influenced experimental electro grooves Melissa Ruizesparza Rodriguez puts out under her Saakred moniker.


10 p.m.


Boy Friend (ATX)

Ending the evening on a cool (as in ice cold) note, the shimmering vocals and synth work of Boy Friend is matched by a stupid simple drum beat, not great for dancing, but perfect for swaying and winding down the night