Aural Pleasure: Glish, Young///Savage and Vetter Kids split 7-inch




San Antonio indie label Texas is Funny Records has been continually expanding since its formation in 2009. After being picked up in 2013 by the Frenkchkiss Label Group, who now handles the label’s worldwide distribution, and with a growing roster of awesome bands, these guys are truly poised to do great things. This lamentably brief split manages to jump from shoegaze glory, to Domestica-era Cursive sounds, to post-grunge punk rock, all within the span of its twelve minutes. Aside from being an exercise in restraint musically and commercially, the 7-inch also celebrates geographical diversity, bringing together bands from across the region: Glish from New Orleans, Young///Savage from Austin and Vetter Kids from San Antonio. From the sunken vocal guitar-wall bliss of Glish's "Bicycle Music," to the snarling and bounding pop-punk  sound of Young///Savage’s “It’s Glice to Meet You,” to the to the grungy yet delicate emo (in the old way) of Vetter Kids' "Vital Kids." This brief document of three talented bands on the rise is well worth your seven dollar investment. Get it here.