Erik Sanden and Julia Barbosa Landois launch Kickstarter for Performance Art Collab




SA workhorse Erik Sanden has embarked on a performance art project with artist Julia Barbosa Landois, as if either creative didn't have enough on their plate already. In the past six months, Sanden recorded Blue Medicine, the debut of his Demitasse project with longtime collaborator Joe Reyes, while Landois exhibited her work at Blue Star, Artpace and Dallas' Centraltrak.


To add to their expanding oeuvres, the pair launched a Kickstarter to crowdsource the funds for Live Ballast, a performance art collab debuting April 3 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara. For Live Ballast, Landois and Sanden dive into their respective family histories, perusing their multicultural identities and exploring "the disorientation that comes with emigration," as explained on their Kickstarter page. Live Ballast offers a multimedia performance to "capture the sense of utter displacement that comes with a long journey into new and dangerous environs."

Landois and Sanden set a goal of $9,000 for their Kickstarter campaign. If successful (Kickstarter only awards those who reach or surpasses their goal), the lion's share of the funds will go towards a studio recording of the work and  travel funds to perform at Montreal's Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics 2014 Encuentro in June. As of publication, the pair have garnered $5,939 of their 9k goal.