Spurs Matt Bonner Raps with Bushwick Bill in Latest Video




“He likes rappers and he likes wraps, so why not talk with rappers eatin’ wraps?”

Update: Riff Raff wants to make up.



“Wrappin' with Rappers” is Matt Bonner's latest video, and although the ginger boy Red Mamba is noshing on wraps in Austin, he’s with Geto Boy Bushwick Bill, who is nothing but awesome.

Bushwick Bill pretty much saves the show after Riff Raff flakes and leaves Bonner hanging at Torchy’s Tacos (tsk, tsk on Riff Raff and Austin tacos). Into the trash goes his concert tee.

But it’s all the better for the show because Bushwick Bill has a hell of a lot more character with his Yoda backpack, and bright green bandana eye patch, the shade of an old suicide attempt. He’s a born again Christian, doing Christian rap, and still performing and dancing with the Geto Boys, who just wrapped up a reunion tour.

In this video, Bushwick Bill indulges some freestyle, “H-town, fifth ward, where your boy blew up” over a Bonner’s beat boxing, ala Biz's Beat of the Day. Bill talks about his rap heroes and his favorite sandwich: the tuna avocado on garlic bread. (“Did not see that one coming,” replies Bonner.)

For Spurs fan, “Wrappin' with Rappers” is a swell spin-off of Bonner’s cheeky blog on sandwiches: The Sandwich Hunter: the Quest for the Hoagie Grail. And for the rest of us, the rapper personalities that Bonner can win over will make the show more than just a quirky gimmick.