Lil B Drops 'Hoop Life Mixtape' just in time for Kevin Durant's loss to the Spurs




Lil B's Hoop Life Mixtape

Last night, the Spurs beat OKC in a thrilling 112-107 overtime victory, the first (and final) close game in the Western Conference Finals. With "Fuck Kevin Durant" and a twitter-based curse on the 2014 MVP, Lil B has proven his enmity against KD. But today, the day after Durant and company's ousting from the playoffs, Lil B released his Hoop Life mixtape, the most recent installment in a 45 gigabyte collection of works. A concept mixtape, Hoop Life takes us through the NBA daydreams of Lil B, with themed tracks like "Foul," "Pass the Ball," "Peyton on Broncos Jordan on Wizards" and "NBA TV Commercial." Like all Lil B mixes, it's a collection of id-rap with some brilliant lines, a good deal of filler and no editing whatsoever.

It's no coincidence that Hoop Life leaked the day after Kevin Durant's elimination from the playoffs, rubbing salt in the MVP's wounds. But I'd be hard-pressed to call Lil B a Spurs fan, as much as a supporter of his enemy's enemy. Hoop Life is available for download here.