Mr. Composition Drops Rad Claymation Video for 'Pandora's Jukebox'




Mr. Composition

Kevin Prince, aka Mr. Composition, one of the San Antonio hip-hop community's best and brightest, has had a pretty sweet year so far. He released one of the best local albums of the year (as of yet) in May's Graffiti the Mind. He put out a poignant and well-executed video for one of the album's best, most thought-provoking tracks “Expendables.” And now, album standout “Pandora's Jukebox” has gotten the claymation treatment.

The video, an unusual visual for a hip-hop track to say the least, was created by British animator Maxim Northover. Prince told the Current that the two met over the internet, after Prince saw some of Northover's work on another music video. Prince sent an inquiry and, before long, the two were collaborating on this gem.

The song's concept, as Prince described it, reflects on “how music can have this huge control on you.” He continued, “I have always been interested in the concept of Pandora's Box, so I thought it would be interesting to do something like that, but with music. For all the bad that can come with music though, there's always hope, too.”

Prince told the Current that the concept for the video itself, was a product of the collaboration between Northover and himself. He also mentioned that he's hoping to put out another video this year for one of Graffiti the Mind's other tracks. For Prince, music videos are important because they “help paint the portrait musicians do with audio. It is kinda like going from a book to a movie.” He added, “When you read a book or listen to a song your mind wanders. Music videos either make what you say 'that's how I envisioned it' or 'I never thought of it like that.'”