Slowlikefire Release Video for 'With Envy'




Slowlikefire rockin' out. (Courtesy Photo)

As the first single released after 2013’s Thieves by Nature, Slowlikefire’s “With Envy” is sophisticated with a razor sharp edge. The SA natives are made up of Circa Survive-esque vocalist Jojo Badillo, guitarist brothers, David and Jaime Monzon, drums courtesy of Nicholas Ochoa, and precise bass by Lalo Rodriguez. (Full disclosure: Jamie Monzon is employed by the Current.) The low-key, intimate video gives visual aid to Slowlikefire’s spirited passion as they perform in a claustrophobic room, complete with moody lighting mirroring the conflicted lyrics performed with fervent animation. At a high risk to spontaneously combust onto the national music scene, Slowlikefire might just blow up at any minute.