SA's Burger Hangover Fest Announces Second Day


Fullerton, California's Burger Records
  • Fullerton, California's Burger Records

Bring out your B vitamins and chilaquiles 'cause the Burger Hangover Fest — swiping the best garage acts from the boozy last days of SXSW — just announced a second day of jangly celebration. On Sunday and Monday, March 22-23, BHF will host over 20 rock 'n' rollers dreaming up visions of reverb, fuzz, tremolo and weed. For day two, BHF announced Diarrhea Planet, Gap Dream, Las Rosas and Gym Shorts on top of the day one headliners 
JEFF The Brotherhood, Warm Soda, Colleen Green and The Memories.

Out of Fullerton, California, Burger Records is the Blue Note of garage rock, churning out the scuzzy stuff with a parade of incredible pace and consistency. One of several Burger-sponsored mini-fests occurring around the country, Hangover Fest doesn't cater exclusively to Burger bands, though with their non-stop tape re-issues, there's a pretty good chance each of these bands has seen its work on tape next to the cute sandwich logo.

Below, to get you properly psyched, we've prepped a playlist of tasty Burger licks on display at the Hangover gig at The Korova.