SA Rapper Mj Apollo Releases New Mixtape 'Two​-​Thousand Something'


Mj Apollo from the "Save The Sinning For Sunday" video - MJ APOLLO/INSTAGRAM
  • Mj Apollo/Instagram
  • Mj Apollo from the "Save The Sinning For Sunday" video

Like the god of music for which he based his pseudonym on, rapper Mj Apollo spits lightning rhymes over blazing beats on his new mixtape Two-Thousand Somethin. His sophomore mixtape is a follow-up to his January ‘15 debut BexarWithMe, Tx. 

For Two-Thousand Somethin, Apollo pulls no punches on 13 tracks of meat and potatoes hip-hop. To go along with the audio, Mj Apollo released three stylish official visuals to accompany his singles “Save the Sinning for Sunday,” “Dimension 37” and “Lysergic.” The music videos have a South Texas vibe, complete with a mural of Tejano queen Selena as a backdrop. Mj Apollo may boast, “I can't ask for much / all I wants a 20 and some ass and titties,” but it shows in his music that he yearns for more.