Numero Group Announces Royal Jesters Reissue


Chicago-based reissue label Numero Group announced the June 20 release of their second San Antonio project, focusing on Chicano Soul outfit the Royal Jesters.

Founded by Oscar Lawson and Henry Hernández, the Royal Jesters were inspired by the doo-wop and sock hop music of the '50s, helping to establish San Antonio's renowned West Side Sound — an R&B/soul crossover with Chicano flair.

Numero Group began in 2003, when vinylheads Tom Lunt, Rob Sevier, and Ken Shipley wanted to re-press some tunes from Ohio's Capsoul label. 12 years later, the reissue label is thriving, producing gorgeous LPs with comprehensive liner notes. 

Numero's first SA offering featured Abe Epstein's Dynamic label. As part of their Eccentric Soul series, Numero reprinted 28 tunes of classic San Anto soul, including the Tonettes, Little Jr. and Jesse & the Tear Drops. San Anto resident Rae D. Cabello researched the Jesters project, spending three years to help explore and develop the impending release.

On June 20 at Hi-Tones, the release bash features Numero Group DJs including SA's Rae D. Cabello, LA's Ruben Molina (author of Chicano Soul: Recordings & History Of An American Culture) and Numero founder Rob Sevier, with more entertainment to be announced.