San Anto Throwback Thursday: Patricia Vonne's "Traeme Paz"


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Featured on the soundtrack to the '03 shoot-em-up Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Patricia Vonne's "Traeme Paz" begins with a classical Spanish guitar before a gunpowder electric riff lays down suppressing fire. Through three minutes, it's a dramatic affair, with SA native Vonne singing to a former love, pleading with them to return to her "land of tears."

Though Vonne's brother Robert Rodriguez directed Once Upon a Time in Mexico, her inclusion on the soundtrack is hardly a case of nepotism. Vonne purrs over her composition, bringing life to the story of loss. 

Bonus Vonne/Rodriguez trivia: in 2002, Vonne toured with chicano rockers Tito & Tarantula, billing themselves as the Titty Twisters, the house band from the  '96 absurdist horror-crime flick From Dusk Till Dawn.