5 Shows To See This Week


Small World - COURTESY
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  • Small World

Monday, April 13
Small World

Led by drummer Kyle Keener and guitarist Polly Harrison, Small World places world music in the jazz setting. The band features music from the Great American Songbook and bossa nova sung in the original Portuguese. 7:30pm, Olmos Pharmacy, 3902 McCullough, (210) 822-1188

Bugaboo - COURTESY
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  • Bugaboo

Tuesday, April 14

Swamp-rockers Bugaboo sound like The Black Keys weighed down by brown liquor and Spanish Moss. Free, 9pm, The Amp Room, 2407 N Saint Mary's, (210) 320-2164

Heavy Glow - COURTESY
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  • Heavy Glow

Wednesday, April 15
Heavy Glow, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy

In the badlands between hard rock and psych, San Diego’s Heavy Glow are putting in grooving work and classic riffs. The Grasshopper Lies Heavy’s recent All Sadness, Grinning into Flow serves a master class in long droning runs, expansive textures and the importance of badass amps. With The Killing Floor, Zielin. $5, 9pm, 502 Bar

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  • Hikes

Wednesday, April 15
Hikes, Grupo Frackaso, Crown

From Austin, Hikes practices math rock as interpreted by Anthony Green. Grupo Frackaso’s raucous cumbia thrash is best represented by their band symbol: an Olde English 40 dumped into a margarita, spilling its contents into the general area. Their party-animal cumbia overrides any poor attitudes in the house. On “One Eyed Neal,” the final track of Crown’s debut LP Are These the Good Days?, the trio sets up to ride out on some surf rock, but transitions to a massive slow-burner to light fire to the album’s end. $10, 7pm, Brick, 108 Blue Star, (210) 262-8653

Vicious Viv - COURTESY
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  • Vicious Viv

Wednesday, April 15
Vicious Viv

Las Vegas producer Vicious Viv visits San Antonio with a hybrid of cumbia, EDM and adopted rap hooks. With Lifted Resident DJs. $5, 10pm, Greenhouse Rooftop4553 W. Loop 1604