Peep This Wild Live Video From SA's The Oblio's


SA garage quartet The Oblio's in action - KODY MELTON
  • Kody Melton
  • SA garage quartet The Oblio's in action

In March, The Oblio's dropped a wild new video for "Kill or Be Killed," a tune off their debut split with The Bolos on Yippee Ki Yay. Out of the gate with a seething guitar solo, it's a two-chord trainwreck full of chiflado and fuzz. At these speeds, it's a minor miracle that drummer Abe Lopez can sing while wailing on the kit, let alone avoid a state of syncope.

Produced by 9001 Studios, the vid hits just as hard as the fuzzy, blasting tune does. With kaleidoscopic filters, mirrored images and a creepy lo-fi/house/NSA feed from above, the videographers get the stoned excitement of any show at K23 Gallery.

You can check The Oblio's on May 7 with Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel or a free gig on June 6 with Diarrhea Planet.