Slowlikefire Throwing 'City of Echoes' Release Party At The Korova


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City of Echoes, Slowlikefire’s first full-length release, is jam-packed with virtuosity, passion and enough hooks and chords that’ll make you want to head bang. (There seriously need to be a caution sticker.)

Vocalist Jojo Badillo, guitarist brothers, David and Jaime Monzon, drummer Nicholas Ochoa and bassist Lalo Rodriguez set the volume to 11 on their newest effort. [Disclaimer: Jaime Monzon is employed by the San Antonio Current.] All 11 songs off of City of Echoes are polished to perfection, while still maintaining a grit that their style of rock ‘n’ roll is known for. With dreamy, reverb-echoed opener “Anecdote” setting the feel of the album, segueing into more of the traditional, hard-hitting fare that made them a San Antonio favorite since their release of Thieves by Nature back in ’13.

In the first video released from City of Echoes, "Steps to Forever" is minimalistic in visuals (the band plays in a sparse, dark room) but heavy on details. The flickering, gritty overlay on the video along with the black-clad band’s attitude- make note of Badillo leaping from the drum set and the general coolness that the group effortlessly exudes as if they were just caught in the middle of a jam session- gives Slowlikefire an authentic, natural feel. 

Slowlikefire 'City of Echoes' CD Release Party

$5-$6, 8pm Saturday, May 9, The Korova, 107 E. Martin St.,