Metallica To Headline 2015 X Games In Austin On June 6


Metallica in London in 2008 - WIKIPEDIA
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  • Metallica in London in 2008

The biggest name in metal will join the X Games this year in the state capitol. For their first show in Austin in six years, Metallica will headline the extreme sports competition, performing on Saturday, June 6. Earlier today, Rolling Stone debuted a video of the band's announcement and an interview with Tony Hawk. 

"It always seemed like the skaters and the surfers were really connected to the music of Metallica," bassist Robert Trujillo told Rolling Stone. "The style and the way that I play, low center of gravity, has a lot to do with skating and surfing and even snowboarding. It’s kind of a natural thing for me."

Though the LA icons work for the soundtracks of skating and et cetera, the choice is a step away from the recent programming of the X Games, a festival moving towards hip-hop. In 2014, Kanye West adapted his spectacular Yeezus tour for the occasion and, for 2015, Nick Minaj will also headline.